And So It Begins

After months of contemplation and procrastination, I’m finally going to start this site. In my last year of doing QA on iPhone and Android applications, I’ve come across various tools, resources and information to make my job easier and to help me do it better. Each time I’ve had a problem to solve, I’ve wished there was a site or a community dedicated to mobile testing where I might find solutions or a step in the right direction. And every time I’ve found an answer, I’ve wished I had a place to share it for anybody else tackling the same problem. This site will hopefully make this information easier to find and more accessible to those in the same boat. I also encourage those who come across the site and have questions or something to contribute to reach out so we can either share the discoveries here or help answer questions.


  1. Brian Carpio

    Dude, congratulations on starting a new blog. I know for me it has really helped me to give back to the community. If it wasn’t for other people blogging about the different types of technologies I use each day I’d be lost.

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