iOS Support Matrix

If you’ve ever sat down to try and figure out what iOS versions run on which hardware in order to decide which combinations you should be testing and need to support, you know what a tedious chore this can be. If you have the time and patience, Wikipedia has a thorough history of iOS versions, but wouldn’t it be nice to have a pretty picture that sums it all up? Well the folks at Empirical Magic seemed to think so and they’ve been kind enough to share their results with the rest of us in this iOS Support Matrix (see update below). Looks like there are a few pieces of missing information, but overall this serves as a great guide.

Update: Some bug fixes have been made and version 1.2 of the iOS Support Matrix is available here.


By Nick Arnott

I like breaking stuff. I used to test iOS and Android applications. Now I test some other stuff. Sometimes I rant on Twitter.

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